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Publié : 27 janvier 2020

Voyage en Ecosse

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Scottish travel Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We left Evreux on Sunday, 26th January at 7:8 pm. We were proud to finally leave after a year and a half of waiting. On Sunday evening, in France we went through customs around 11:30 pm. In the night from Sunday to Monday we took the shuttle from Calais. Then, around midnight we were in England. Everyone had trouble sleeping. We crossed the England -Scottish border at 11am. We arrived in Edinburgh at around 1pm for à lunch in a pub. We spent the whole afternoon in the National Scottish Gallery of Scotland. That was really good because everyone felt concerned. Indeed, it wasn’t a classical museum because there were lots of activities to do and to try. We walked to the Castle of Edimburgh. Finally we met our host families at 7:30. On Tuesday the 28th we had a guided tour of Edinburgh in the morning, it l’aster 3 hours. That was pretty cool, the guides were very nice with us and we learnt a lot of things. Then we visited the National Gallery of Modern art. We think that was weird because the painting were very peculiar. Finally, to close the day we wenta shopping in the city.

Wednesday :

Today, we went to Stirling, a town in the north-west of Edinburgh, to visit Stirling castle and its prison. In the morning we had a one-hour drive and when we arriver, a guide explained us all we needed to know about the castle and its story and he said that ghost haunted the place ...

After that, we had lunch in the castle. Then, we visited a terrible prison with a guide that scared us but he was acting very well. A guide’s dog made us laugh because it was cute et barked.

To finish the day, we went back to Penicuik to learn Scottish dance and play Highland games, this moment was tiresome but cool ! We laughed a lot and to conclude this moment, we tasted some Haggis and despite our apprehension, this was not bad...it depends on the taste.
Then we returned to our families to eat another meal...


thursday 2nd, february
This morning we woke up very early because the appointment was at 7:30 am instead of 8:30 am
First, we walked half an hour to go to Colton Hill, it was very windy and cloudy but the view was magnificent. Then we went to Holyrood Palace. It is a beautiful royal place, unfortunately we didn’t see the Queen Elizabeth II.
After a break for lunch in free time, we played a game with questions about Scottish Parliament. Also, we assisted to a debate between scottish politicians about the Brexit.
After a while we walk to the Scottish National Gallery where we have seen a lot of classic/traditional paint.
At 5:00 pm we took the coach to go back home.